Our Course Begins...

Guy and Melody Joyce live in the rural countryside near Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA. Guy is a retired master electrician who worked for Hobart and William Smith Colleges for 26 years. Mel is the team lead for Whirlpool Corporation's North American Region shared services freight accounts payable team.

Guy and Mel married in December 1995. Together they have 3 sons -- John Joyce, Brad Ellis and Jeremy Ellis -- and (so far) 6 grandchildren -- John's children, Austin, Cheyenne, Logan and Mackenzie Joyce; and Jeremy's children, Conner and Skyler Ellis.

In 2011, Mel was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis (diffuse scleroderma or SSc). So far, SSc has caused pulmonary arterial hypertension, serious and embarrassing digestive problems, and painful damage to Mel's hands and legs. Guy has heart disease and received 5 cardiac bypasses in 1996. Facing a future with these worsening issues, the Joyces were forced to discontinue breeding and showing Whippets, and to reduce their Whippet numbers at home. But Guy and Mel both thank God they can continue to enjoy a few remarkable Whippet companions!

September 2001:
We were spectators at a Wine Country Circuit show in Romulus, NY. An unidentified Whippet breeder let us enjoy this sweet little girl for a few minutes. That darling little dog simply crawled up onto our laps and wiggled her way into our hearts. We HAD to have a Whippet of our own!
January 2002:
We acquired Shannon (DenGayle N Loranne Sure Shot) from Pam Murphy of DenGayle Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.
February 2002:
Mel and Shannon began to attend conformation classes held by Kanadasaga Kennel Club in Canandaigua, NY.
September 2002:
We moved from Canandaigua, New York to Dowagiac, Michigan.
November 2002:
We acquired Girl (Rafina City Snow) from Barbara Wheat of GoldStar Farms.
December 2002:
Girl and Shannon were both CERF tested; both normal.
January 2003:
We bred Girl to Shannon.
March 6, 2003:
Girl whelped our first litter of 8 puppies, sired by Shannon. We placed six puppies in pet homes, one male as a show prospect with a newcomer (unfortunately, he was never shown), and we kept one female (Reva / ReJoyce Riverdancer).
June 2003:
Shannon was bred to Angie, a DenGayle bitch owned by Kathy Tucker of South Haven, Michigan.
August 1, 2003:
Shannon was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus.
August 17, 2003:
Angie whelped three puppies sired by Shannon. Kathy placed two of the puppies as pets, and kept the third (Jelly Bean / Odysseys Diamond in the Ruff), a fawn and white bitch who looked just like Shannon.
August 20, 2003:
Shannon was neutered.
September 2003:
We acquired Phoebe (CH Rylstone Morning Glory) from Patricia Casterline.
October 2004:
Girl and Phoebe were CERF tested. Phoebe's results were normal. Girl's results were abnormal: vitreous degeneration, cataracts, and abnormal findings in lens nucleus.
January 2005:
Girl was spayed.
July 2005:
September 21, 2005:
Phoebe whelped our second litter of 8 puppies. Four puppies were placed in pet homes, one female went to Sabine Salo (Karli), another female went to Trish Casterline (Meg), and we kept two males (Junior / ReJoyce Just Right, and Neo / ReJoyce Not Exactly Ordinary).
March 23, 2006:
Reva was spayed and placed.
July 29, 2006:
Junior was neutered and placed.
August 31, 2006:
Debbie Syrja (Free Wynd) and Jean Schroeder (Willabe) informed us of epilepsy/seizure disorders in multiple generations of the descendants of CH Merrimac Free Wynd The Boz (Phoebe's maternal great-grandsire).
September 30, 2006:
Neo was neutered and placed.
November 18, 2006:
We acquired Renner (Rantina's Autumn Renaissance of ReJoyce) from Sabine Salo of Rantina Whippets.
January 25, 2007:
Phoebe was spayed.
August 12, 2007:
We acquired Kaila (Rantina's Derby Hat of ReJoyce) from Sabine Salo of Rantina Whippets.
September 23, 2007:
Due to worsening health problems caused by diabetes insipidus, Shannon was euthanized.
December 2007:
We moved from Dowagiac, Michigan to Benton Harbor, Michigan.
July 13, 2008:
Neo came back to ReJoyce.
September 6, 2008:
We attended our first ASFA lure coursing event, and Renner and Kaila completed their first practice runs at the Wind Chaser's Lure Coursing Club trials in Hobart, IN.
February 13, 2009:
Girl celebrated her 12th birthday.
April 2009:
June 9, 2009:
Kaila whelped our third litter of 8 puppies.
April 17, 2010:
Due to kidney failure, Girl was euthanized.
May 13, 2010:
Mel and Guy, with Dixie, Prissy and Manny, attended conformation classes held by Berrien Kennel Club at Mutterly Love in Saint Joseph, MI.
January  2011:
Phoebe was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.
April 2011:
Mel attended the 25th American Whippet Club National Specialty show in Lexington, Kentucky.
June  2011:
Mel was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis.
October 2011:
Mel was diagnosed with secondary pulmonary hypertension (caused by systemic sclerosis).
November  2011:
Guy and Mel decide they cannot responsibly continue to breed Whippets.