ReJoyce Rantina Southern Belle: "Belle"
CH Woodbrooks Ask Me How I Feel x Rantina's Derby Hat of ReJoyce
Bred by Sabine Salo and Melody Joyce
Whelped June 9, 2009
Owned and loved by Kellie Arnold and family, Canton, MI

Belle joined the Arnold family of Canton, MI on August 29, 2009. That evening, Kellie Arnold sent us the three photos on this page, and this message:
What a great family day. Belle is settling into Arnold family life. She has had many visitors today, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and as many friends as the boys could call to show her off. She loves to run around the backyard with the boys, wow she is already fast. Jake and Belle started to play fetch with a tennis ball and what a riot. Bell would run after the ball, jump straight up in the air to pounce and execute a forward roll only to finish with the ball in her mouth. She has done this 4 to 5 times. We think she is amazing. She is eating and drinking and adjusting well. Belle and Jeff have already had their first nap together on the couch watching the Detroit Tiger game. I set her crate up in the kitchen about an hour ago and she crawled in and has been sleeping ever since. I have attached a couple of pictures from our day. I love the one with her head on the pink dog, what a clown.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. Our family will always remember today. To quote Jason while standing in line at the pet store, “Mom, I don’t think anything could take the smile off my face today.”
Belle, August 29, 2009

On September 4, 2009, Kellie wrote:
Belle has settled in nicely. She is starting to really open up and show her personality. One of our friends brought over her greyhounds and I think Belle fell in love with Bingo. She constantly walked underneath him and tried to get his attention. Unfortunately she walked under him when he was marking the fence. Let's just say that Poor Belle had to get a bath. Always an adventure.
We thank God for bringing people like Jeff and Kellie Arnold and their three sons into our lives, to become owners of one of our puppies or dogs. Photos and messages like these are treasures to us as Whippet breeders.

Belle in her new home, August 29, 2009