Rafina City Snow: "Girl"
02/13/1997 — 04/17/2010
Bred by Barb Pendergrass
Loved by and remembered by Melody Joyce and Barbara Wheat

(Below) Girl at 12 years of age, enjoying the summer sun on July 26, 2009.
Girl, 12 years old, 07-26-09

A petite cream-and-white parti with a soothingly calm and warm disposition, Girl was one of the gentlest, sweetest, most unassuming, least demanding, best tempered and most loyal of all of the Whippets that God has ever created. There was not a single aggressive, possessive, or dominating bone in her body . . . yet when the mood would strike in her younger days she would effortlessly outrun the best of the rest of our dogs and leave them all in her dust, with glowing pride and joy.

She had two great passions - plush stuffed toys, and being in the same room with Mel. Mel would cup Girl's jaw in her hand and rub the side of Girl's face with her thumb, and Girl's eyes would drop closed in blissful contentment. She trusted Mel completely and there was nothing Mel could not do with or to her. She expected no more than a pat on the head, a bit to eat and drink, and a warm, dry place to sleep, and she was always appreciative of more.

Girl and Elliott, June 2003
Girl, September 21, 2004

Girl had no show or performance points, no ribbons, no trophies. Instead, she was our Socialization Subject Matter Expert par excellence. She had the gift for providing gentle, patient and playful training to young and growing puppies, and even when she was not quite up to puppy exuberance anymore, she was still every young dog's most tolerant playmate. She was also our official greeter: she thought every visitor to our home had come precisely and only to visit HER, and she wagged her whole body at each and every person to make sure they knew know how happy she was to see them.

Girl and our beloved Shannon were our introductions to the breed, the first to entertain us with the unique Whippet brand of dance-playing and face-snarking. Together they gave us our first Whippet litter. And now, together they rest.

We don't have enough words to adequately thank Jim and Barbara Wheat of GoldStar Farm for their friendship and for allowing Girl to come live with us in November of 2002.

Girl: Rafina City Snow

Pedigree of Rafina City Snow

Rafina City Snow
Saxon Shore Rafina Qtr Flash

Delacreme de la Renta

Saxon Shore Amber Waves

Runner's Creme de la Creme

Saxon Shore Flash Dance

Saxon Shore Amber Waves

Rafina Patent Pending
Rafina Twinner

Delacreme de la Renta

Saxon Shore Amber Waves

Runner's Creme de la Creme
Rafina Bunny HopRafina Ragtime

Cyrano's Daisy Mae
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