DenGayle N Loranne Sure Shot x Rafina City Snow
Bred by Melody Joyce and Barbara Wheat
Whelped March 6, 2003
Owned and loved by Elisabeth and Fritz Nelson of Rowley, MA

Jasper flew safely to Boston to become joyfully adopted by Elisabeth and Fritz Nelson of Rowley, MA.
24 December 2007

"Hi, Mel--

"Here's a recent picture of Jasper with his new best buddy, our 1- year-old cat, Figaro. The two of them play, share a food dish, and sometimes a pillow, as you see."

"I still am filled with wonder at the beauty of this dog, both physically and in his personality (unless you are a husky or a boxer, for some reason)."

23 May 2006

Jasper"Jasper is doing well. We passed the six-month mark of my working full-time, and we've established our routine, although Jasper would still much rather have me home all day. I try to make a point to spend a lot of time with him on the weekends. But we take a walk every morning (I have to get up extra early to allow time--the things we do for our dogs), and play in the back yard every evening, and after supper, we snuggle on the couch. If I'm late for the couch time, he gets very upset with me and doesn't hesitate to remind me of what I'm supposed to be doing. 'What do you mean you have to balance the checkbook, Mom? It's TV time--that's much more important! Come on! Now!!'"

"Vivi, the whippet who got lost at the airport after Westminster, is still sighted in an area not too far from here, but it's an area I'm not familiar with and my schedule is such that I haven't been able to help in the search. I keep hoping she will make her way this direction--drawn by some whippet magnetism or something--and find a happy Jasper and safe haven, but I know that's not going to happen."

"My love to all the "family." Your newest children are all beautiful."

8 June 2004

"Jasper is, of course, doing well. His favorite outside toy is a mostly deflated half-size basketball. I throw it, he grabs it and races around the yard with it in his mouth. We've also started playing soccer with it. I get a point every time I get the ball to the end of the yard, and he gets one every time he grabs it from me. I think over the last week I've managed to accumulate three points by making my move while he's distracted by other things. :-) I'm beginning to wonder if the whole "couch potato, 10 minutes of running is enough" characteristic of whippets is just a marketing ploy, though--I'm exhausted! I'm thinking that he'd probably really enjoy coursing, so I might see if I can find a group around here and maybe try him out. I'm not particularly interested in the competition--just in letting Jasper enjoy the experience."

"He makes me laugh every day, particularly on our walks. He'll pick up sticks that are twice as long as he is and trot along with them in his mouth, so proud of his magnificent find; or chase butterflies; or just decide that it's time to rest and flop down on a shady patch of grass. Wherever I am, he wants to be, too. Particularly if I'm in the uphostered chair or on the couch. His favorite position is to push me out to the edge of my seat and squeeze in behind me. I almost never get to watch TV leaning back in my chair."

6 March 2004

"Jasper wants to say "Happy Birthday!" to all his siblings. He got an extra goodie for breakfast this morning and a good long walk in the woods after breakfast to celebrate (although he usually gets a good long walk in the woods on Saturdays).

Elisabeth adds, "I've decided that if I ever have a girl whippet (which I expect will happen :-) ), I'm going to name her "Joyous," since there's no other word to describe a running whippet, especially after a long winter of hampering snow and bone-freezing cold."

December 2003

Elisabeth writes, "Jasper just graduated from Intermediate Obedience class. We didn't do so hot on the stand-for-exam part (who ever heard of a whippet standing still?), but were perfect on down-stay (who ever heard of a whippet getting up when he didn't have to?)."

"We've reached yet another milestone in Jasper's life: his first snowfall. Apparently, snow is yummier than I ever realized, judging by how much of it he's eaten in the last day and a half. We'll never need to shovel again! (OK, that's an exaggeration, but he does like eating it.) He's not so pleased with it falling from the sky, however. :-)"