ReJoyce Counter Intelligence: "Newt"
Select CH Vic's N Rantina's Private Treaty x CH Rylstone Morning Glory
Bred by Sabine Salo, Patricia Casterline, and Melody Joyce
Whelped September 21, 2005

Newt, January 2009
Newt and Bill Butler, January 2009

On December 3, 2005, when he was 10 weeks old, we placed Newt with a great family in Kalamazoo. They taught him to sit, shake hands, retrieve balls... even to ring a bell to be let outdoors:

Newton looks at his bell Newton ringing his bell

Then in January 2007, Newt's first family asked us to take him back.

Over the next several months Newt showed us what a fabulous companion he had become: completely housetrained, very affectionate, very smart, quick to learn and to obey, very playful...and very clearly a dog who deserved a home and a family all his own.

Midday on November 4, 2007, we updated Newt's web page and announced his availability. That same evening, Sandy Butler called to ask if Newt was still available, and on November 10, 2007, she and her husband, Bill, came to meet Newt.

Within minutes of their arrival, Newt turned from apprehensive and fearful of these strange newcomers, to Bill's new best friend. At the end of their visit, Newt literally dragged Bill out our front door and to the Butlers' car. He now lives near Detroit with Sandy and Bill.

The Butlers faithfully keep informed about Newt. In Sandy's note of May 29, 2008 she wrote:
Hello Melody,

Just wanted to touch base with you about Newt. I just love him and he fills such a void. I love having Newt home with me. Bill and I have been up north twice in the last six weeks. Newt loves it there. He runs all day around the cabin and chases the four wheeler. He is so tired at the end of the day. He loves to ride in the car. He has fit right in our family and we are thrilled. He is such a great dog we are truly blessed. Thanks again, I just wanted you to know we are taking great care of your family member.

Love, The Butlers
Bill sent new Newt pictures on January 24, 2009, with this note:
Hope you enjoy these. Newt is a fantastic dog! He is very intelligent. Newt will speak for us by nodding our head and saying "Speak Newt." He loves sleeping on the bed at night. Thank you for blessing us with Newt!
As much as we miss this super-special dog, we thank God everytime He blesses us with awesome dog owners (and especially, friends) like Bill and Sandy.

Sandy Butler and Newt
Newt and Sandy Butler

Newtie, the black-nosed rein-dog
Newtie, the black-nosed rein-dog

Newt, September 2007

Newt, 2010
Newt, 2010Newt, 2010
Newt, 2010