ReJoyce Delight of Morning Sun: "Patches"
Select CH Vic's N Rantina's Private Treaty x CH Rylstone Morning Glory
Bred by Sabine Salo, Patricia Casterline, and Melody Joyce
Whelped September 21, 2005
Owned and loved by Kathy and Scot Bayless and family of Oregon

Patches, July 2011

Excerpts from a July 23, 2011 update from Kathy Bayless:

We're living in Oregon now... I wrote a book and self-published it last October. It's called 'Deadly Remains' and is a contemporary fantasy. You can get a free sample from Amazon by downloading the Kindle reader to your computer, if you're interested in checking it out.

Patches is doing great! She has resigned herself to being back in the snow and even seems to enjoy running around in it. Of course, she is much happier when the sun comes out and she can roast herself on the back deck. Our current house has a nice sized, level back yard that is great for throwing a ball around and gives her some running room. She's already caught and killed two birds! Wildlife beware!

(Below, left to right, December 2005): Tyler, Ryan, Patches and Theresa
Patches and family, December 2005

Kathy sent several messages in December 2005:

"Hi Melody! Hi Guy! Well, we are still in the process of getting to know our newest family member with, of course, all the ups and downs. Overall though, we are so delighted with Patches! She is such a sweet little girl."

Patches, December 2005"But, oh my gosh! Night time is a BEAR! The first night we were SO encouraged, because she cried/howled for quite some time, but eventually settled down and was quiet from midnight until 5:00am. The next night, though, was a nightmare! She cried constantly for three hours!" (To make a long story short, Patches now sleeps contentedly downstairs, while the rest of the Bayless household sleep upstairs. Kudos to Scot and Kathy for showing super-human patience with Patches, giving her almost four full weeks of opportunities to settle down and sleep quietly in "the master den" before deciding that their little girl simply prefers to "guard the perimeter" at night instead.)

"Patches is doing extremely well with her housebreaking. She hasn't had an accident for over a week, and the last one was my fault, because I didn't follow my instincts. I am very relieved that we have figured it out. Now we are looking forward to a time when we don't have to worry at all and she can be out of the crate whenever we are home."

"Patches' vet appointment went flawlessly. She didn't even whine about being in the crate, and, when we got into the room, I opened the door and she came out right away. I sat with her on the floor, until the vet came in. Everything is just fine."

"The kids are SO enjoying Patches. During her spaz times, they let her chase them and throw her toys, which she pounces on and bites to death. It is so much fun to watch. I love it, when she tears around the house and runs full speed back to the couch. It is hilarious."

On May 9, 2006, Kathy wrote: "Well, Patches has really settled into our family life now. We can't imagine our lives without her crazy antics and loving disposition."

"Patches has a couple favorite toys--one is a plush, squeaker squirrel and the other is a plastic dead chicken that had a squeaker for about four minutes. Even though she killed the squeaker in the chicken, she still loves to chase after it and shake it until it is well and truly dead. Wouldn't you know it--she kills the squeaker in the toy that doesn't have a replaceable squeaker and the toy that has a replaceable squeaker is indestructible (the squirrel). Go figure."

Patches with radar ears, May 9, 2006Patches killed her toy again, May 9, 2006

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