CH Rylstone Morning Glory: "Phoebe"
11/04/2000 — 03/30/2013
AM/CAN CH, FCH Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder SC, ROMX x
CH Rafina Fleetwood Fly By Nite
Bred by Dennis Sumara, Daniel Lockhart, and Patricia Casterline

Phoebe, off side, 09-05-04
Phoebe, front, 09-05-04

Phoebe was a rare gem, full of grace and dignity and poise -- with a twinkle of fun and frolic in her eyes. She was a natural-born leader with amazing intelligence. CH Rylstone Morning Glory: Phoebe She literally ran our household, waking us up each morning, reminding us of approaching mealtimes (the dogs' mealtimes, of course, not ours), alerting us to visitors and inspecting each thoroughly (one never knew which pocket might be hiding a yummy dog cookie), protecting us from vermin (indoor mice and outdoor gophers didn't stand a chance around this gal), and making sure we put her (and ourselves) to bed at the proper hour.

We were blessed to have Phoebe in our lives (and our bed!) thanks to Patricia Casterline. Phoebe was raised and handled to her bench championship by Trish, and Trish influenced our selection of sire for Phoebe's litter.

In January of 2011, Phoebe was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Thanks to the exceptional veterinary care our dogs receive from Dr. Jeffrey Richards (of Saint Joseph Animal Hospital in Benton Harbor, Michigan), Phoebe remained as frisky and full of energy (and symptom-free) as the day she came to live with us in 2002, until just a few short weeks before her death. We give thanks and glory to God for every day He allowed us to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime companion.

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