ReJoyce Riverdancer: "Reva"
DenGayle N Loranne Sure Shot x Rafina City Snow
Bred by Melody Joyce and Barbara Wheat
Whelped March 6, 2003
Owned and loved by Alice and Jim Flassig of Edwardsburg, MI

Reva became a member of the Flassig family of Edwardsburg, MI (formerly Worth, IL) on March 23, 2006. About her first night at home, new Mom Alice wrote: "Reva is so gentle. She is following all over. I'm been showing her every room in the house. It will take a little time for her to adjust but I think she is going to be fine with everyone. I just love her to pieces already."

Reva came from ReJoyce's first Whippet litter, born March 6, 2003, bred by Melody Joyce and Barbara Wheat. She went BOW (judge George Heitzman) at her first show at six months and one week of age. One month later, she received a BOB from judge Sari Brewster Tietjen. But, Reva hated to show... so in 2006, Reva earned herself a Best Of Home with Jim, Alice, and the rest of her new family:

From left: Tina, Bella, and Mona Lisa...
From left: Tina, Bella, and Mona Lisa
... and Nicky

Nicky on American Flag bed
(He's one VERY AMERICAN Eskimo Dog, by golly!)

From the looks of her new giant-sized private "den" AND her pretty new Palm Sunday t-shirt, it looks like Reva fits right in very well with her new family:

Reva in her new home 04-09-06

Tina especially thinks Reva is a nifty new play-toy:

Reva even gets to use their computer!! Here's what she wrote on 03-24-06:
Hi Mom and Dad:

I am doing better today. I've been a very good girl and I hope to see everyone soon. I have a real nice bed with a big round pillow. I'm very comfortable. Don't worry I still love you. I won't forget you. I know you miss me and I miss you too. I'm still adjusting, but everyday I'm getting a little more and more relaxed with my new surroundings.

My new playmates are starting to calm down with me.

I know Daddy was really sad when I had to go. I saw the sad look on his face. I promise you I will be back to visit.

Well with the 5 of us, I have to go, someone has to go potty. There will be new photos of me so just watch for the email box.

Love always,
(We'll always love you too, "Baby Girl," and we are SO HAPPY that you found yourself such a wonderful new Mommy and Daddy!)

Alice sent this sweet new Flassig family photo on Monday, July 27, 2009.

Reva and family, 2009