ReJoyce Lady Rhyannon: "Ruby"
Select CH Vic's N Rantina's Private Treaty x CH Rylstone Morning Glory
Bred by Sabine Salo, Patricia Casterline, and Melody Joyce
September 21, 2005
Owned and loved by Traci and Craig Tollenaar and family of Saint Joseph, MI

Ruby, summer 2011
How Ruby handles the Summer (HEAT) of 2011

Stella reads to Ruby, 2011
When it's hard to tell who's happier or more content -- the puppy you bred, or the people you placed her with -- then as a breeder, you know you've done well. And so it is with our sweet little pixie-girl Ruby, at home since April 23, 2006 with her new family: Craig, Traci Isobel and Stella Tollenaar of Saint Joseph, MI. We love all our dogs, but some like Ruby take up permanent residence in your heart, and we were absolutely thrilled to meet the Tollenaars and to be able to place this dear little treasure with a family as special as she is.

To the right is Stella, reading to Ruby on May 20, 2011. "Everyone loves to be read to, even Ruby," wrote Traci. "She makes up stories along the way, but uses the right characters. She is so funny. She says, 'here Ruby, I'll read you this story.'"

Ruby Hilton

November 8, 2006, Craig wrote: "We took her downtown for a little trick-or-treating. It was really cold, so in the end I had to carry her.(She was dressed like Paris Hilton, so I guess that fits the bill!)"

Traci, Isobel, and Ruby, Autumn 2006
Craig also sent this picture (right) of Isobel, Traci and Ruby laying in the leaves in front of the house, saying "She was so funny that day, every time the wind blew she ran her little heart out. She could not figure out where the sound was coming from or why the leaves were flying. Hilarious!"

Ruby with Traci Tollenaar

Ruby with Isobel Tollenaar