Rantina's ReJoyce High Card Wins SC, RN: "Trump"
CH Woodbrooks Ask Me How I Feel x Rantina's Derby Hat of ReJoyce
Bred by Sabine Salo and Melody Joyce
Whelped June 9, 2009
Owned and loved by Neale Gordon, Baton Rouge, LA

On September 19, 2009, a sweet little red-brindle-and-white boy from our James x Kaila litter arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to become the newest student (and love) of Neale Gordon. (He almost didn't get there, but not due to accident or mishap. Instead, Neale almost didn't receive him because the wonderful team of ladies who ferried Trump from southwest Michigan to his new home each took their turn thinking about keeping the little rascal for themselves! Neale and we are forever grateful to Dee Vayda (Shojin Kennels), Barbara Timm (Woods Runner Whippets), and Yvonne Sovereign (Sowagla Whippets) for boarding and transporting Trump safely to Neale.)

Since then, with Neale's patient training and encouragement, Trump has accomplished more than any other ReJoyce Whippet:
  1. He has been a working Therapy Dog since December 2009 (six months of age)
  2. He earned his first RN leg in December 2010
  3. He finished his RN in May 2011
  4. He earned his SC in March 2011
  5. He is ASFA and AKC field pointed
  6. He earned his first CD leg in May 2011
  7. He placed in both the AKC and ASFA trials at the 25th Annual American Whippet Club National Show in Lexington, KY, April 2011
  8. He also earned his first MC leg at the AKC trial at the April 2011 AWC National Show... which, by the way, was only his third coursing week-end out.
Trump achieved all of the goals listed above before his second birthday. Obviously the phrase "owned and loved by Neale Gordon" is an understatement. May God bless dog owners like Neale!

Here is Trump trying his legs at lure coursing, January 2010. Photos courtesy of Hansel Harlan.

Trump and Neale in the ring, July 2010.
(Click here to watch Trump grow up.)

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