ReJoyce Journeyman: "Tweak"
03/06/2003 — 01/14/2015
DenGayle N Loranne Sure Shot x Rafina City Snow
Bred by Melody Joyce and Barbara Wheat
Owned and loved by John Allen and Steve Orlando of Detroit, MI

ReJoyce Journeyman -- TweakTweak spent most of his first year being called "R.J." and living at ReJoyce as Reva's personal sprint trainer, punching bag, chew toy and best buddy. Knowing him to be a true "people Whippet" who loves to love and be loved, we were happy* to place Tweak with his new owners, John Allen and Steve Orlando who live in a suburb of Detroit. (*We speak here of a very bittersweet happiness -- we are glad this special boy now has an equally-special home in which he can be spoiled and pampered as he so truly deserves, yet we began to miss him the moment he left!)

Thank goodness, Steve and John have been as faithful as their new four-footed friend about keeping in touch with us:

About their first weekend together, John wrote:
"What a joy the past 36 hrs have been! He sat quietly in the car all the way back... Inside the house, he was one big ball of energy. He had to see everything. I think he approved, especially the back yard. Finally, he ran out of steam and slept until early Sunday. On Sunday, he got a new collar, tags and some new toys. He got a visit from a couple of the younger nieces/nephews and passed the kid test with flying colors. He also got a walk around the neighborhood and met some of the neighbors who were enjoying the warm afternoon. Thanks again for sharing Tweak with us. All of a sudden, the house feels a little bit more like home."

March 21, 2004, John wrote:
"First, the new name-- We waited a while for inspiration to strike and for something to stick. We wanted the name to match the dog. So what do you name a high spirited, high strung, slightly loopy but affectionate animal? How does "Tweak" sound? (The original Tweak is a "South Park" cartoon character. His parents own a trendy coffee shop and fill their already slightly neurotic kid with a steady stream of caffeine laced beverages...)

"Tweak made his debut at the vet's office recently. After he was coaxed out from behind the bench in the waiting area, he was an immediate hit with the staff. He was pronounced in excellent health, although he was scheduled for a little "routine" surgery (his neutering) next Friday March 26. (Come to think of it, maybe that's why he was hiding behind that bench...)

"Meanwhile, we've learned that when we're home and the door to the crate is open, you let him out of your sight for a few minutes at your own risk. Let's just say that despite our best efforts, Tweak continues to give new meaning to the old phrase "Eating us out of house and home". His latest target was the big red chair, a favorite in the living room for about ten years. I was pretty upset but Steve took it well. He said it was about time to re-upholster anyway and how about some new paint while we're at it? (If I didn't know better, I'd say he put the little monster up to it...)"

October 4, 2004, Steve wrote:
"I cannot tell you how much I (we) love Tweak. He makes me smile perpetually... He has really filled the animal void in my heart...

"Tweak loves to run in the backyard, play with toys (sometimes for hours by himself...), taking long walks and cuddling. He loves squirrels (I do too) and sticks (I'm not that fond of them). He also gravitates towards the color orange more than any other color (see photo: that was his Easter gift an M&M dressed as an Easter bunny). Something strange, he usually rips the eyes off of every toy we give him- first. OUCH!

"His eating habits are quirky like him- he pretty much eats whenever he feels like it. He's still fed twice daily, but he eats a little here and a little there. It worried me at first, but that's just him.

"His new pal doing well. They get along great; Tweak is helping Tremor come out of his shell- they were best buds from day one; I can't even tell you how concerned I was that Tremor would have some kind of adverse affect on Tweak, but he didn't.

"All four of us go to therapy (doggy) to try and help Tremor through his issues and it seems to be working; if all goes well they will be in puppy school in February. Tremor is on a human anti-depressant...three times daily. His tremoring (hence his new name) has all but stopped. He gets along very well with other animals, however, humans are another story. He takes very well to me, but not so well to John, although he is coming around slowly and that's great news. In any event he is ours to keep and thank you for finding him for us. He also likes to play with toys by himself (and with Tweak). I don't ever remember any of the dogs I ever had playing by themselves."
March 11, 2006, John wrote:
It's been a while and I'm sure you're wondering how Tweak is faring here... so please be advised: He's happy, healthy and (still) King of the Castle, Master of Disaster and all around Mister Personality.

As you probably remember, he had a birthday last week. We didn't mark the day in any particular way. In Tweak's world, every day's a birthday anyway. He loves to walk. Hates the cold. Finds it imposible to stay in any room all by himself if another person or animal is anywhere in the house. We know his hearing is 100% because he never misses the sound of an opening bag, can or fridge no matter how distant.

Although he generally comes when called, we've largely given up any more complicated tricks, successful completion of a three month training class notwithstanding. Like some people we all love to hate, it seems he made it through more on charm and less on hard work.

He and Tremor are best of friends. Tremor is also doing well, although the whole school thing was especially hard on him. I think the other dogs voted him "Most likely to get his owners a refund". Thanks again for helping us find him.

In closing, rest assured that Tweak is a credit to whippet-dom. He is gentle with children, unfailingly cheerful and fiercely loyal. We'll send recent pictures soon!

(John and Steve: Both of you also please rest assured that you are each a credit to Whippet owners everywhere. If every Whippet could be placed into a great home like yours, WRAP rescuers could retire permanently.)
John's last message came on January 15, 2015:

I’m writing you with sad news. Yesterday Steve and I lost our best pal to cancer, kidney failure and old age. He was happy and active until a few days ago. In the end, he did not suffer. We would never have let that happen.

Tweak lived long and lived well. He never said a word, but he spoke to us every day. Never went to school (with the exception of his disastrous puppy training), but was a wise soul and a good teacher. When he came to our house from yours, we knew he had been loved every day. And he was loved every day after that.

Thank you for sharing Tweak with us. Especially today, I do understand how hard it must have been to let him go.

With kind regards,

John Allen and
Steve Orlando